Welcome to The NFT game where you collect, breed and battle blockchain Dragons
What's going on here?
DragonZIL is...
An investment game based on Zilliqa smart contracts. Each Dragon is an ZRC1 token protected by the Blockchain.
What are Eggs?
Anyone can buy eggs, forever. You can hatch them right away or sell them for profit on The Dragon Marketplace
How does it work?
What are Dragons?

Randomly Generated, from 30 total genes and 256 colour schemes, some truly rare combinations can appear, some with unique appearance and supernatural powers.
But there is no guarantee that your Egg will hatch into a battle unit capable of breeding and fighting. Buy more Eggs and pray for good luck.
How to use them?

After hatching, evaluate its potential: visual and battle characteristics. If it turns out to be quite a Dragon, check out the Arena
If you have rare Body Parts, try our Breeding page
How to use them?

Feed ZLP to your dragon and watch it mutate.
Mutation is the process of your Dragon’s DNA change (yes, the token itself). Your unique beast reborn into something different or even more unique.
If your Dragon is weak but attractive, then go to the gene laboratory. There, you may exchange anything for money.
Okay, what else?

When buying eggs you have a chance to uncover undiscovered before body parts and colors
Yes, you always have to pay for sex. Yes, it’s possible to sex while being high on mutagen. No, you can’t always take the kiddoes.
If you have friends...
Play together and earn passively, using the referral link
There is a magic link.
If you share it with your friends and they follow it, then we will return 50% of the purchase amount to your wallet.